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Nepal Water Project

EWB (SG) has newly embarked on a project with the aim of improving the water sanitation and water storage situation of the Bungamati community in Nepal. EWB (SG) has concluded the initial engineering needs assessment trip in March 2022 to identify specific issues and conduct testing.

Nepal Water Project

The community in Bungamati currently has 3 water tanks, which gets sporadic water supply from the government. Due to pipe bursts and droughts, these water sources have a tendency to be unreliable. During EWB (SG)'s recce trip down at Bungamati, we identified a potential groundwater source to supplement the current water tanks. We were able to conduct testing on the water quality of this groundwater, before and after the use of the Wateroam’s ROAMfilter Plus water filtration system.

During subsequent trips, we will be working on designing a well, as well as the installation of a pumping and filtration system to extract the sanitized groundwater.

We will also be working on improving the current water storage system by installing pipes to connect the 3 tanks in order to reduce water wastage from the overfilling of the main tank. This will also increase labour efficiency by eliminating the need for manual labour to transfer water from the main tank to the other two tanks.

EWB (SG) is recruiting volunteers to carry out the project in Bungamati in October 2022, and currently looking for sponsors. Reach out to us if you are keen on making a difference in the Bungamati community!

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