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We are designing and implementing a Communication Vessel Filtration System to replace the current filtration system ACRES uses for their water tubs holding Pig-Nosed Turtles. This new filtration system will be more cost and labour efficient as it is less likely to be damaged by the turtles.


ACRES has been using a DIY filtration system to clean the droppings and external contamination in their plastic water tubs which hold their rescued Pig-nosed turtles.The turtles biting on the insulated electrical pump wires was causing blockage in pumps and hence malfunction frequently. This affected ACRES' maintainence cost and labour distribution as man-hour was redirected from animal rescue and care, to maintainence of filtration system.

EWB (SG) designed a communication vessel filtration system that prevented direct exposure of insulated electrical wiring by compartmentalizing the pump system design. The new system isolates the pump and wires, preventing the turtles from accessing them during the filtration and cleaning process. The new system was also designed to be modular, allowing for easier assembly and diassembly for ease of cleaning the filters.

This critical assessment and redesign ensured that the staff had less pain points on maintenance or critical care for the Pig-nosed turtles and more time for animal rescue. This Communication Vessel Filtration System has now been scaled to currently support 29 turtles.

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