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Whether you're a student, practicing engineer, financial professional, regardless of your background, we need your help! Join us now to be part of our projects by signing up to be a volunteer. Feel free to reach out to us via our socials or email! 

Nepal Water Project

EWB (SG) has newly embarked on a project with the aim of improving the water sanitation and water storage situation of the Bungamati community in Nepal. EWB (SG) has concluded the initial engineering needs assessment trip in March 2022 to identify specific issues and conduct testing.

Tapul Bridge

We are constructing a pedestrian bridge for the Tapul community in the Philippines, who are facing difficulty in accessing healthcare, education, and in the movement of goods, across the Ulot River. The bridge construction will increase their accessibility to goods and services.


We are designing and implementing a Communication Vessel Filtration System to replace the current filtration system ACRES uses for their water tubs holding Pig-Nosed Turtles. This new filtration system will be more cost and labour efficient as it is less likely to be damaged by the turtles.

Nee Soon Playground

A project in collaboration with Nee Soon East CC to build a community inclusive playground.

Nee Soon Farm

An upcoming project that EWB (SG) is undertaking to assist Nee Soon East CC and its residents to develop a community farm.


Nee Soon Design Thinking Workshops

Completed June 2022

Meals On Us Application

Completed 2020

Commonwealth Secondary School Design Thinking Camp

Completed January 2020

Commonwealth Secondary School Design Thinking Programme

Completed December 2020


Completed 2020

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