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Care Corner Orphanage

Care Corner Orphanage, located in Chiangmai, was established in April 1995. They function as a care centre for children who are unable to attend normal school due to family backgrounds of HIV, drug addiction and broken homes.

Care Corner Orphanage

EWB (SG) performed a site recce to understand the concerns of the orphanage and came to a decision to explore avenues to add an additional storey to the boys' building. This would allow the orphanage to accommodate more children from the region who require shelter.

With this proposed amendment, we also aim to address some of the other existing problems such as the overflow of septic tanks and the rainwater leaks through zinc sheet roofs.

Since the start of 2024, we have been working with engineering consultants to review our design and will be recruiting volunteers with experience in building and affiliated services design in time to come. At present, the CCO management is planning the soil sampling process and are in discussions with local contractors.

We aim to commence local fundraising for this project mid-2024.

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