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Kampung Gurney

Unreliable sources of water, coupled with heavily polluted groundwater in the region, has resulted in rampant shortage of potable water in Kampung Gurney.

Kampung Gurney is home to the Temuan indigenous people, one of the largest and most widespread Orang Asli ethnic groups in Malaysia.

Kampung Gurney

In fulfilment of our objective to assist underprivileged and rural communities with beneficial engineering-based projects, we reached out to Kampung Gurney through our partner in EWB Malaysia, Sanjiv.

After discussion with Sanjiv, EWB (Singapore) came onboard to support the cause by conducting a recce in December 2023 to identify areas for improvement of existing rainwater harvesting systems.

Following up from the recce trip, EWB (Singapore) has plans to embark on the installation of new rainwater harvesting systems for one house with potential technological upgrades to existing systems implemented by EWB (Malaysia).

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