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Commonwealth Secondary School Design Thinking Camp

Completed January 2020

Commonwealth Secondary School Design Thinking Camp

The Commonwealth Secondary School Design Thinking Camp was a 3-Day Camp conducted by our volunteers to inculcate design thinking skills in Secondary 3 students as part of their Secondary 3 Camp. The Design Thinking Camp aimed get the students to come up with innovative solutions to increase infrastructure-based accessibility for the elderly in our community.

The students were tasked with talking to the elderly in Yuhua CC to identify some of the challenges they were facing. Allowing students to empathize with the common pain points of the elderly, the students gained valuable insights on the inadequacy of our common infrastructure in being elderly-inclusive. The students were then tasked with brainstorming for solutions based on the problems identified. They also developed prototypes for these solutions with the advice and guidance of our volunteers.

Students also learnt to make improve upon their first prototypes upon receiving feedback from our volunteers before they pitched their prototypes and ideas during the final presentation. To top it off, the elderly who the students conversed with were present to witness the different prototypes and give their feedbacks too!

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