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Commonwealth Secondary School Design Thinking Programme

Completed December 2020

Commonwealth Secondary School Design Thinking Programme

We conducted a a year-long long Design Thinking Programme for the Secondary 3 students of Commonwealth Secondary School as a follow up to the Design Thinking Camp that they participated in. 3 teams of interested students from the initial Design Thinking Camp participated in this programme .

We found that due to the students' lack of knowledge in engineering concepts, they are not able to realize the full potential of their ideas and prototypes from the Design Thinking Camp. During this programme, our volunteer project leads engaged with the students on a biweekly or monthly basis to provide more in-depth guidance and advice for the students to improve on their designs over the course of the year through equipping them with key engineering skills such as innovativeness, critical thinking and problem solving.

The students were introduced to the various stakeholders involved in designing a prototype, the necessary skills to design the prototype in the form of engineering drawings. The students also got to actualize the prototype with the necessary data and materials to present to the elderly at Yuhua RC, with further proposals for mass production.

The students had made significant progress in their designs since the Design Camp in January as this Design Thinking Programme concluded at the end of 2020.

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