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Meals On Us Application

Completed 2020

Meals On Us Application

We created a mobile application for the Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre and Yuhua community to increase the efficiency of the collection and distribution of discount tokens for food purchases by the lower income individuals and families.

The Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre distributes physical tokens for the lower income individuals and families of the Yuhua community to get a discount on their food purchases. Loving Hearts was looking for a way to increase the efficiency of this process of distribution and collection of tokens by their community members.

EWB (SG) designed and created an app that reduced the need for a physical token by transitioning to a digital one, which streamlined the distribution process and administrative work in keeping track of collections and usage. In addition to a seamless process, the app also increased accessibility by allowing more lower income individuals to benefit from this initiative, as well as by allowing more hawkers to get involved.

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