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Nee Soon Design Thinking Workshops

Completed June 2022

Nee Soon Design Thinking Workshops

The purpose of the Design Thinking Camp adopted a two pronged approach - the first was to devise solutions for preferred playground equipment by the children themselves, and the second was to inculcate elementary design thinking skills in these children. During the 3 hour workshops, the children were tasked to identify problems in the current playground before brainstorming for solutions that could address these problems while being guided by our volunteers.

Based on these solutions, the children then developed prototypes using simple arts and crafts tools such as styrofoam board and ice cream sticks. In addition to design thinking skills, they were also able to learn and apply collaborative working skills as well as presentation skills through these workshops. Nee Soon East CC identified key features from the designs of the children and would be looking into implementing them in the upcoming Nee Soon Playground Project.

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