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Nepal Water Project

Completed April 2023

Nepal Water Project

The community in Bungamati had 3 water tanks which get sporadic water supply from the government. Due to pipe bursts and droughts, these water sources have a tendency to be unreliable. During EWB (SG)'s recce trip down at Bungamati in 2022, we identified a potential groundwater source to supplement the current water tanks. We were able to conduct testing on the water quality of this groundwater, before and after the use of the Wateroam’s ROAMfilter Plus water filtration system.

Building upon the insights gathered during our recce trip last year, we harnessed the collective expertise of our team to implement targeted solutions that addressed certain challenges faced by the Bungamati community. Together, we installed a rainwater collection and water storage system as the community had often faced long periods of drought with unreliable water supply. We also improved the wifi connectivity throughout the compound and replaced plug points sockets to mitigate safety risks.

We are deeply grateful for Dr Michael Ong of Peace Child Ministry who connected us with the local community and coordinated closely with us throughout the entire preparation and execution phases. This trip would also not have been possible without the support of our other members who contributed to the designing and planning of the project.

Our recent project trip to Nepal has been an incredibly rewarding experience; from the bonds we forged, the stories we shared to the collaborative effort of working with local communities to create meaningful solutions. Our journey reinforced the importance of collaboration, empathy, cultural understanding and finding purpose in the work that we do. Memories of the Bungamati community in Nepal will undoubtedly continue to inspire us as we embark on our upcoming projects.

Read what our project team had to share about the project:

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