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Tackling Challenges of Malnutrition - Global Innovation Programme

Earlier in July, our Vice-President Angeline Tan headed to Berlin to participate in a design sprint for the Global Innovation Programme funded by Open Philanthropy and organised by Engineers without Borders International. The programme was intended to bring together solution providers to tackle challenges faced in the area of malnutrition. The design sprint led participants from all around the globe to assemble in Berlin and design the programme together hackathon-style. The sprint brought together representatives from the UK, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Somalia, USA, Nigeria and Sweden.

On her experience, Angeline says, “The in-person sprint was the culmination of months of preparation over virtual meetings. Due to the time difference, these meetings often began around 10pm SGT so it was lovely to finally have discussions under the sun. It was extremely encouraging to have different areas of expertise from different countries working together for a shared goal of making the world a better place. Representatives from EWB Somalia and Nigeria also provided us with first-hand insights on how malnutrition has been affecting their communities and their sharing served as a reminder on the importance of having early stakeholder involvement in ensuring that we fully understand the way different communities live. It was a heartening experience as I got to personally witness the extensive reach of EWB and work with many amazing, passionate individuals who make the world a better place to live in."

It is truly a privilege to work alongside such talented and passionate engineers to make a positive impact on the world. We look forward to the fruitful outcome of this international collaboration that would pave the way for many future international projects with our global EWB partners. Kudos Angeline for your dedication and effort!


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